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Last night, the Catholic Church commemorated the Resurrection of Christ. Following a slightly different branding narrative, our Orthodox Anastasis is to be celebrated in a week from now. Although I am not a believer of the particular story, at least in its religious context, I must admit that I am a zealous supporter of rituals and their regenerative force. Accordingly, every year, I am looking for some kind of spiritual rebirth, giving fresher nuance to things that call for it. This year, my thoughts are around luxury, and specifically, its evolution as an ill-defined term from maximalism to minimalism.

Discussing this with friends, it seems like the collective definition of luxury is undergoing a foundational change. Even before the pandemic and while still a student in Fashion Management in Milan, I remember disagreeing with my peers about luxury: to me, the never-satisfying excessiveness of the term had already been saturated, thus out of sync with exclusivity and demand. So, where do we go when more (quantity) no longer converts to satisfaction (quality)? Again, on a personal level, the answer was crystal clear back then, as it is crystal clear right now: we peel back the layers, go back to basics, and extract the essence of life. Free from the hassle of more (quantity), we may have a chance to focus on satisfaction (quality).

Undoubtedly, a life-altering event, such as the pandemic, might have brought more people to this realisation. People may be able –at last!– to see the intrinsic value of the small joys in life. I wonder, what do you think of luxury? What is your unique perception of the definition, and how do you feel towards it? Are you drawn to or indifferent towards it? Would you like to change your relationship with it?

As always, I am very interested in your opinion, so it’s time for a socioscopy –yay :). Please click the link here to access the survey; your contribution and time are much appreciated, as always. The questions are few, and the whole process can take as little as a minute if you opt for the prompt, single-choice version. Alternatively, in case you feel a little too generous, you may offer some written feedback by choosing “other” and defining further your opinion. Either way, thank you in advance for your contribution; I can’t wait to see how you all feel about this topic. Have a lovely Sunday.




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